About Container Built

Our Story

With 30 years of award winning experience in building construction, landscape construction and renovations, we’ve acquired the expertise we need to combine your ideas with our designs to create a product that you will be ultimately satisfied with.

Behind the company is a foundation of personal and ethical principles. They are the driving force behind what we do and are also what clients notice most. It’s amazing how being honest and true in the work we do translates into success on all levels.

With every job we are proud to fulfill your dream and we are proud to have a good reputation with our customers.

Meet the Team

Our vision for Container Built Inc. is simple- Your ideas, your dreams, your needs and making your memories. With our qualified and certified team from purchaser, project manager, welders, architecture, carpenters, electricians all the way to your exterior and interior designer. No matter how small or big your dreams are- We will bring them to reality!

Container Built Approach

When building your personalized container structure, our approach is to give you a fun prebuilt structure to work with, make construction time shorter with an average 4-6 weeks lead time. Container Built Inc. does ship internationally.

Our Goal- To create that stunning and unique lifestyle space that is environmentally responsible, healthy and energy smart. We build our structures for multiple uses. Modified shipping containers are an affordable alternative to traditional building construction.

Our mission- is to repurpose shipping containers as a building material. This has grown in popularity over the past several years due to their inherent strength, wide availability, and relatively low expense.

Our structures- are built using shipping containers. They are more eco-friendly than traditional building materials such as brick and mortar. These Lego-Blocks can be easily modified to fit any purpose. Given their structural integrity, we can combine and/or stack them for more floor space and/or adding a second level.

Our Massive Lego-Blocks

At Container Built Inc. we use these massive Lego-Blocks not only for homes but for:

  • Cabins
  • Backyard Cabana
  • Pool equipment house & Change room
  • Pop-up Shops
  • Vendor’s Market
  • Mobile Office
  • Garages
  • Studio for Art
  • Yoga
  • Music etc.
  • Greenhouse
  • Cottage Bunkie
  • Construction / Sales office
  • Much more…